I Choose…

Immediately I typed out these words, the one thing that readily came to mind was ‘Choosing a life partner’ or ‘voting in the President of  country’. Lol. It would seem those are the  major times I know we really use the word ‘CHOOSE’ over words like ‘decided’ and ‘wanted to’…


Anyway. This is not about choosing a life partner.

But we should talk about it sometime.

Back to my topic. Focus.

How many of us watched the movie ‘Devil wears Prada’? (Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, the Mentalist guy, that fab guy that was also in The Hunger Games whose name I never manage to remember…)

Anyway, I’ll take you to my favorite scene. The one where the  ‘dorky’ Anne Hathaway character snickers condescendingly at the ‘shallow’ fashion people when they hold up two really similar looking belts and ponder on which one to choose from. Ponder on it like they were about to find the cure to cancer. Continue reading I Choose…

The DASH 2016 Charities… one last look

We had 10 awesome and worthy causes this year.

We absolutely believe in all these causes and we hope we made you take a second look at and appreciate these awesome charities and foundations who are making Nigeria truly great. And making Jesus proud.

This is just to take a last look this year at all our DASH 2016 charities. It was awesome working with them.

We will definitely miss them.

God is my only connection o…

A little context first (it occured to me that the topic has a Nigerian flavour to it).

I grew up in a christian home. Yes, my parents were a part of the S.U. movement of the seventies. And they were in the academics- trained at the prestigious University College, Ibadan (now called UI=University of Ibadan). So growing up, the values I was taught were hardwork (which translated as school diligence) and serving God. That was what I really needed to lead a successful life.

I’m not sure if primary school  children have any ethics but ‘hardwork and God only’ served me well in Secondary school. Again, I need to clarify. By ‘God only’, I’m referring to serving God from a mostly religious point of view. Yes I loved Him, but I also needed to ‘settle Him’ by doing all the right things. (Obviously I wasnt perfect but I tried reaalllyyy Continue reading God is my only connection o…


DASH 2016 Round 2 Elimination Results

This is announcing the final 5 charities which will be progressing to the 3rd round of the DASH 2016 Charity Fundraising:

  • Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation
  • Child Life Line
  • Beyond the Classroom
  • Living Hope Care foundation
  • Human Development Initiatives


This is how the charities did after round 2



DASH 2016 Round 2: Proudly sponsored by Personal Assistant


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